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Your Romantic Road adventure can also mean

I packed powdered meals, and self-heating military rations. For fire I used a small tripod burner with butane canisters for fuel. We also needed crampons in case we encountered ice on the trail. All of us wore heavy-duty hiking boots, thick jackets, and wool caps and gloves. I was worried about how much water to […]

Meaning that the temperatures are going to be cooler

Apart from wearing the right clothes and shoes for the gorilla trek, there are other valuable items that you should not forget. Insect repellents, sunscreens, enough water, waterproof camera bags and walking sticks are some of the most important to bring along. Depending on the weather, you can also consider packing poncho or rain jackets […]

Munich is the capital and largest city.

Munich is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria, on the banks of River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, and the 12th biggest city of the European Union, with a population of above 1.5 million. The Munich Metropolitan […]


Yakutsk is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located about 450 kilometers (280 mi) south of the Arctic Circle. Population: 269,601 (2010 Census). Yakutia is known as the birthplace of mammoths, precious stones and, as one of the coldest places on Earth. The capital of the republic, Yakutsk, you can not see with the […]


Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. Constituting the westernmost bulk of the archipelago, it borders the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, and the Greenland Sea. Spitsbergen covers an area of 39,044 km2 (15,075 sq mi), making it the largest island in Norway and the 36th-largest […]

Donetsk is an industrial city

Donetsk is an industrial city in Ukraine on the Kalmius River. Administratively, it is a centre of Donetsk Oblast, while historically, it is the unofficial capital and largest city of the larger economic and cultural Donets Basin (Donbas) region. The city of Donetsk is adjacent to another major city of Makiivka and along with other […]

Taurida Governorate

The Taurida Governorate or Government of Taurida was a historical governorate of the Russian Empire. It included the Crimean Peninsula and the mainland between the lower Dnieper River and the coasts of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. It was formed after the Taurida Oblast was abolished in 1802 in course of Paul I’s […]


Sevastopol is one of two cities with special status in Ukraine (the other being the capital, Kiev), located on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean Peninsula. It has a population of 342,451 (2001). Sevastopol is the second largest port in Ukraine, after the Port of Odessa. The unique geographic location and navigation conditions of […]

Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is an uninhabited subantarctic volcanic island and dependency of Norway located in the South Atlantic Ocean at 54°25.8′S 3°22.8′ECoordinates: 54°25.8′S 3°22.8′E. It lies at the southern end of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and is the most remote island in the world. The island has an area of 49 square kilometres (19 sq mi), of […]

Venice, Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. It is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon which stretches along the shoreline, between the mouths of the Po and the Piave Rivers. Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its […]

Free Online Topography map of the Washington state

Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Washington was carved out of the western part of Washington Territory which had been ceded by Britain in 1846 by the Oregon Treaty as settlement of the Oregon Boundary Dispute. It was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state in 1889. […]

Free Online Topography map of Oregon

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is located on the Pacific coast, with Washington to the north, California to the south, Nevada on the southeast and Idaho to the east. The Columbia and Snake rivers delineate much of Oregon’s northern and eastern boundaries respectively. The area was […]

Free Online Topography map of Florida

Much of the state of Florida is situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida. Spanning two time zones, It extends to the northwest into a panhandle, extending along the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is bordered on the north by the states of Georgia and […]