Your Romantic Road adventure can also mean

I packed powdered meals, and self-heating military rations. For fire I used a small tripod burner with butane canisters for fuel. We also needed crampons in case we encountered ice on the trail. All of us wore heavy-duty hiking boots, thick jackets, and wool caps and gloves. I was worried about how much water to bring so I asked a man at our hotel. He thought two gallons per person ought be enough.


If you’d also like to explore some manmade landmarks alongside the excitement of bear tours, you can visit a couple of Spitsbergen’s ghost towns. These remote mining towns and early whaling stations are now abandoned, but they were the island’s first settlements back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In fact, it wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that a number of permanent communities were established.

The insides of her car had everything.. from used coke cans to heaps of cigarette buds in the ashtray. There were lots of papers, dress items, pillows, additional sleepers, a towel and a couple of small cardboard boxes at the back. The front seat was full of ash and the car reeked of cigarette smoke. Additionally, the side view mirrors had cobwebs on them. The car was dirty!!!

Besides the Church, the Bled Island has other historic buildings, like the bell-tower and chaplain’s house. A lot of myths and legends are connected with this place, because the spectacular sight was definitely capable of awakening overflowing imaginations and fantasies throughout the centuries.

It all began with our sincere desire to visit one of the strangest places in Peru. It is a destination that many attempt to reach, but many also miss due to random happen stance or seemingly bizarre interference from the universe. With all of the allure and intrigue surrounding this place, we had hoped, if not expected, at least some adversity to meet us. And meet us it did.

It was just two years ago that the Captain noticed a 70ft. Passage Maker being auctioned off. A twin diesel with a water maker. To augment her generator she had solar and wind electrical backup to recharge her batteries. All that was needed was a fresh coat of marine paint over her steel hull. At 70 years of age Ron felt it was about the right time to hoist anchor and set sail into the sunset. It had been 10 years of dry dock since his last stint aboard the cargo vessel, The Alverez. That time he sailed from Hong Kong to Las Angeles. Ron by then was First Officer in charge of communications. The Alverez was a massive ship that could transport over 600 cargo containers, all filled with consumer goods coming out of China.

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