Embarking on a journey on the Romantic Road

It is approximately 9.9 miles from the South Rim to Phantom Ranch. The elevation at the top is 6860 feet, and at the Colorado River, 2480 feet. I studied maps of the trail, and learned that the heat can be very dangerous in the summer. In the winter, ice could be on the trail, since sunlight never falls directly on many parts. The trail is rocky and steep, with many switchbacks and ledges. Halfway down is a rest area called Indian Garden, with water and toilets.


Spitsbergen has a huge variety of flora and fauna, as well as six national parks for wildlife enthusiasts to explore. There are only four mammalian species, aside from humans, that inhabit the island: the Arctic Fox, the Southern Vole, the Svalbard Reindeer, and the top predator, the Polar Bear. Tours with dedicated wildlife specialists will allow you the opportunity to encounter Spitsbergen’s pride and joy up close and personal. Not only will bear tours safely afford you the experience of the sight of a Polar Bear proximate enough to get your adrenaline pumping, the cruise boats will also take you alongside magnificent fjords and offer you breathtaking views of glacier walls.

I was staying at the Travelodge Macquarie North Ryde Hotel, near the Macquarie Shopping Center. Once I landed and joined work I updated her and we fixed a time on a Saturday morning to meet. She came to meet me on a Saturday morning at my hotel, dressed in black from head to toe. She also had pitch black hair and was wearing black shades over her eyes. We met at the lobby and then after we were acquainted, she offered to drive me around the suburbs of Sydney to which I readily agreed.. While I was boarding her car, I seemed to notice a little sticker on the rear of the car.It red ” My other car is a broom!!”

What makes the lake unique is the Church of the Assumption, which is located on the Bled Island on the lake. That is probably the most beautiful landscape that there ever was in whole Yugoslavia. It is an endlessly romantic place with a 99 stone-step staircase that show the way to the Church. Every young couple in Slovenia dreams of climbing that staircase in order to pronounce the faithful “yes” on a spectacular wedding on the Island.

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