megaliths of Mountainous Shoria

Egyptian pyramids, Machu Picchu, Easter Island statues…… what you know about the ancient megaliths of Mountainous Shoria?


Mountain Shoria, is a territory in southern Siberia, Russia, east of the Altay Mountains. It is the southern part of Kemerovo Oblast.

The territory is mountainous: spurs of Abakan Range, Salair Ridge and Kuznetsk Alatau, and is rich in ores.


Mysterious stones Mountain Shoria pushed foreheads of scientists and ordinary citizens. In the mountains in the south of the Kemerovo region, geologists discovered a “wall” of the crowded together rectangular stones. Discovery has been dubbed the “Russian Stonehenge.” According to one version, the structure appeared in the days of ancient civilization.

For the first time, researchers are interested in this area in the Mountain Shoria in 1991. But then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to explore the area was not possible due to lack of money. Work resumed in the fall of this year.


Megaliths found in various parts of the world – in Western Europe, the Caucasus, the Far East, Africa, Australia and America. Another mystery is the striking similarity of structures located in the tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other, as if they had erected a single civilization that once inhabited the earth …
The Altai Mountains (Altay Mountains) are a mountain range in East-Central Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan come together, and are where the rivers Irtysh and Ob have their headwaters. The northwest end of the range is at 52° N and between 84° and 90° E (where it merges with the Sayan Mountains to the east), and extends southeast from there to about 45° N and 99° E, where it gradually becomes lower and merges into the high plateau of the Gobi Desert.

Unfortunately, the carbon analysis can not specify the date of construction of facilities – only the approximate time of occurrence of the rock. And this – for millions of years. However, if the conduct excavations in the vicinity of the megalith, it should be possible to find tools of ancient builders or disposal.

Looking at the ruins of the once great facilities, we can only guess how much labor was required to raise multi-ton stone blocks … Maybe the ancient builders owned means that we do not know?

The main mystery of megaliths – it is their authorship. Who were the mysterious builders? What technologies have owned? Which anthropological group they belonged?


Famous archaeologist Leonid Kyzlasov, offered to give his excavations future researchers. Global science, remaining in captivity Eurocentrism, not yet ready for such discoveries that will revolutionize all present ideas about the historical past.

Valery Uvarov, speaking about photographs taken during the expedition of George Sidorova, expresses admiration and reverence for the power of the ancient inhabitants of Siberia. Same feelings experienced by all who sees a giant blocks in the walls of the temple buildings and pyramids of ancient Egypt, giant monoliths Ollantaytambo or Puma Punku in Peru, not to mention the textbook blocks of Baalbek (pictured below). More recently, they competed in our minds, causing debates about ancient technology and forcing stand in awe at the power of the ancient giants, possible ancestors of present humanity. And still on the territory of Russia did not find anything like this …


Georgi Sidorov, founder of alternative history of Siberia, confidently says that nowhere in the world of megaliths equal to open in Mountain Shoria. His expedition found, apparently, material confirm the theory that Siberia is found soon ancestral home of all mankind. For the first time in the history of science found the walls, lined with huge blocks weighing from 2 to 4 thousand tons and more! Who and what created them? What are these structures? They are nothing like the manifestation of the eternal “nature of the game,” and, judging by the traces that have survived to our time, facilities were destroyed by the explosion of enormous power. This could be a catastrophic earthquake hit space or a meteorite …


According to the excavations carried out in the territory of the Mountain Shoria, the age of the ancient finds no more than 10 thousand years – said the professor of the Department of Archaeology Sibdepo KemSU Valery Kim. – With regard to the so-called “Russian Stonehenge” if this expedition discovered the remains of some of the cultural layer, then we could say that this monument is a man-made, not natural.
With opinion Kimeeva agree Doctor of Historical Sciences Vladimir Bobrov and Honored Scientist of Russia, the Academy of Natural Sciences Anatoly Martynov.


The Siberian Altai represents the northern most region affected by the tectonic collision of India into Asia. Massive fault systems run through the area, including the Kurai fault zone and the recently identified Tashanta fault zone. These fault systems are typically thrusts or right lateral strike-slip faults, some of which are tectonically active. Rock types in the mountains are typically granites and metamorphic schists, and some are highly sheared near to fault zones.

Taiga majestic southern Siberia attracts more and more tourists and travelers from all over the world. Especially famous for the beauty of the mountainous terrain between the rivers Mras-Su and condoms whose name Mountain Shoria. The appeal of the landscape and climate have generated an analogy, which is reflected in the second title of this picturesque region, – Siberian Switzerland …


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