Prirazlomnaya (oil platform)


Remote and buffeted by icy waves, the Prirazlomnaya oil rig in the Arctic is the focus of a bitter dispute between Greenpeace and the Russian government – now an international court case.

Offshore ice-resistant fixed platform ( MISP ) ” Prirazlomnaya ” – ice-resistant oil platform , designed to develop the Prirazlomnoye field in the Pechora Sea. Is in accordance with the Federal Law of November 30, 1995 N 187- FZ ” On the continental shelf of the Russian Federation” artificial sooruzheniemi or installation on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.


From Verandey to the offshore oil platform is a half-hour helicopter ride, if the weather is good.

Declared in the Russian Notices to Mariners December 10, 2011 , issue 51, 9956.51 , as ” drilling platform Prirazlomnaja ” ( in a footnote ” offshore ice-resistant platform ( MISP ) ” ) . According to the decision of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District dated 10.03.2009 ” Prirazlomnaja ” is stationary ( hydraulic ) structure , rather than the vessel, and on and on to a later decision of the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Karelia on June 4, 2012 – ship. According to unconfirmed reports the news agency “REGNUM” 26.04.2012 Platform ” Prirazlomnaja ” was ” included in the register of ships administration seaport Naryan -Mar “. The uniqueness of the platform is due to arctic conditions in which it operates.


Quick Facts:

staff 200 people
design life: 25 years
mass of the upper part 39 000 tons
lower part (caisson) 79 000 tons
dimensions: total height 141 m
caisson height 24.3 m
caisson at the bottom of 126 x 126 m
at the top of caisson 102 x 102 m
capacity tanks for oil 14 pcs. (113 000 m3)
tanks for water 2 pcs. (28 000 m3)
the performance of daily oil production 21 000 -22 000 tonnes
daily water pumping 32 000 tonnes
daily production of 1 million m3 of gas
autonomy during offloading
(at maximum output) 6 days
change watches 15 days
replenishment of materials 60 days

Oil reserves Prirazlomnoe up to 72 million tons, achieving an annual production level of 6.6 million tonnes
Initial production from the field is scheduled for Prirazlomny 2013.

Development Prirazlomnogo field in the Pechora Sea – the first Russian project to produce hydrocarbons on the shelf in the Arctic. The field was discovered in 1989 estimated oil Prirazlomnogo amount to 72 million tons of recoverable – 46.4 million tons. It is expected that the peak of oil production from the field will reach about 8 million tons per year. Start of production is planned for 2013 license for exploration and production at Prirazlomnoe owns “Gazprom Neft Shelf”, a subsidiary of OAO “Gazprom”.


Vladimir Putin believes offshore fields , particularly in the Arctic, ” a strategic reserve for the XXI Century” . However, its use of ” should be approached responsibly , prudently , with the highest environmental standards .” He said this in the outgoing week , speaking to the State Duma deputies .
Among the projects that have already been implemented , he mentioned among other things, a unique platform for Prirazlomnoye field in the Pechora Sea. It is planned to drill 40 wells . However, the dates of commencement of drilling constantly postponed.

Drilling at Prirazlomny field offshore in the Arctic could begin in March of this year, said in February the deputy director general of the plant ” Sevmash “, which was based offshore ice-resistant stationary oil platform ( MISP ) ” Prirazlomnaja ” Valery Borodin .

“In March, we hope to start drilling. Customers want to start as soon as possible , but must comply with all safety requirements “- Borodin said , speaking at the Scientific Council at the Kurchatov Institute.

Earlier, the oil producers filled the more ambitious plans for the receipt of the first barrels of oil from the Arctic shelf – December of last year. However, while ” Prirazlomnaja ” gets in the news on a particular occasion .


– The initiative was belonged to academician E.P. Velokhov. Evgeny Pavlovich knew, that oil stocks at the continent finish, and we have to begin development of Arctic fields. At this time Sevmash released from big volumes of State defensive order, that is the powers were free, and its loading was necessary. Therefore Evgeny Pavlovich suggested to create the company for the Russian shelf development, and from this moment working out of the project and unification powers of all participants began. History shows, that the direction was chosen rightly, although the way was really complicated.

The platform was laid in 1995.Volumes of financiering even with attraction of foreign investors did not provide a fulfilling of plan indexes. The project received the development only after six years, in 2001, when the contract about collaboration was concluded between JSC “Gasprom” and JSC “Rosneft” about development in the region of “Prirazlomnoye” oilfield. For embodying of the project as the platform orderer “Sevmorneftegas” was created. Between this company and Sevmash the contract was concluded for manufacturing of the supporting base of “Prirazlomnaja”, and later for all platform. Only after it the building of sections and blocks of caisson was begun in workshops.


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